The Vision

“To meet and exceed expectations by creating stunning and visual videos for our clients. We focus on making memories they will cherish and pass on for generations to come.”

 Filming one of the most important days of your life should be more than a simple documentation of the day.  The emotions that you felt throughout the day, the tender moments you shared with your spouse during the ceremony, the funny but heartwarming toast from your maid of honor…. All these intricate details that exemplify the enchanting moments you will want to cherish for the rest of you life should be unfolded in a story that brings out the true emotions of the day.

Helena Films is dedicated to create lasting memories that are personalized exclusively for you and your special day. Our aim is to capture and create cinematic moments that will turn your wedding story into a moving, dynamic and captivating Film.  We strive to produce cinematic elegance in a way that will draw emotion and bring back those special memories for years to come.


The value of the memories you have captured through your Videography and Photography keepsakes increases with time, always giving you a visual recollection of that special day.

Consider the longevity of these expensive services. The alcohol, food, and cake get flushed down the drain (quite literally). The venue and accommodations will serve as faint backdrops to your memories. The flowers will wilt and decorations, tossed away. Of all these unnecessary, impractical, and conspicuous expenses, The Video and Photo’s hold the most utility. Their value increases with time, having an inverse relationship to your recollection of the day.