Weddings from the sky!

A drone, or unmanned aerial device frequently used in military operations, might not seem like a natural fit at a wedding. But, surprising as it sounds, drones are officially the hottest craze in wedding videography and photography, allowing us to capture jaw-dropping footage of a wedding from above.

In fact, couples are indeed taking notice and clamoring to include drones as part of their wedding day coverage.

Drones allow videographers in particular to capture sweeping footage from overhead—creating an extremely dramatic effect for a wedding video.  Many Hollywood movies will open with an aerial shot, which gives a nice feeling of anticipation. We call these establishment shots,  as they establish the location of a film, or in this case, a wedding. Jess_Joe_Short_Film

All Drone operators must have a licensed pilot certified by the FAA to fly legally at your wedding. Most videographers use either quadcopters (four blades) or octocopters (eight blades) to film weddings. We are able to attach a camera to the drone, and fly it with a remote control device to capture aerial footage.

Drones work best at venues with large outdoor areas to capture those grand, sweeping views. Examples include wineries, private estates and Waterfront venues. However, there are a few instances when drones aren’t suitable. Weather is an important factor, as if it’s particularly rainy or windy, using a drone isn’t possible. There’s also the noise factor. We definitely never recommend using drones during a ceremony as drones can be quite loud.   tatumwed

Couples and their videographers should also pay special attention to where their venue is located. If it’s near an airport, for example, flying a drone is probably a no-go. The same goes for venues near stadiums where there’s a special event taking place or in National Parks. If everything checks out, your videographer and/or photographer can capture some gorgeous aerial footage of your venue.

Aerial shots are like seasoning to food, A little bit adds flavor to it, but too much can ruin it.